Class Overview

In the preschool room, your child’s day will be filled with many wonderful learning and fun experiences. We not only help get your child ready for pre-k, we help them get ready for life with mastery of self-help skills such as potty learning, dressing themselves, working and interacting with others, self control, taking responsibility for their actions and learning how to work through their world. We work on basic concepts such as the alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes through different monthly themes.

The day starts in the morning when the preschoolers routinely welcome one another. We begin our day with Circle Time which focuses on learning through a larger group instruction followed by related enrichment activities for small groups and individuals in our various learning centers. Learning centers include Language Arts, Writing, Library, Math, Science, Art, Dramatic Play, Drawing Table, Manipulatives and Blocks.

Afternoons still have structure, but are more open-ended, with different activities for your child to choose from. In the classroom, the learning centers invite your child to explore and imagine while developing school readiness skills. Each afternoon the children participate in a mini Circle Time followed by an additional art project or writing improvement worksheet. Weather permitting we go outside where children can partake in gross motor skill activities such as kicking a ball or throwing a beanbag through a hoop.

We believe in teaching the children through exciting and hands on activities. The more hands on the children get the more they take away from the lesson. We encourage the children to sing loud, get their hands in the paint and simply do things how they would like. It is the process that is important not the final product. “Play” is child’s “work”, everything they do from painting a picture to rocking a baby doll is enhancing their basic life skills and preparing them for their future education.

Class Details

We want children to be introduced to basic life concepts in a fun, safe and nurturing learning environment.

Age Group
2-3 Years
Class Size
18-22 Children


Positive attitudes and guidance is always used here at our school.

Play Areas

A variety of skills and coordination will be exposed in both our indoor and outdoor areas.


Our staff is comprised of highly skilled early education teachers.


Monthly newsletters will inform you of our upcoming concepts and activities.


Each teacher is hand selected for their experience, dedication and influence.


We strive to provide a solid foundation for growth and learning in the early years.

What The Parents Say