Reading aloud to kids (including babies!) is a great way to build early language skills as it helps to create and reinforce connections in their developing brains. Here are some tips and recommendations:

  • Make a habit of reading with your child daily
  • Get your child involved in books by asking questions and making comments like:
    • “What a silly monkey! Is jumping on the bed very safe?” or
    • “Isn’t it nice that the rainbow fish shared with his friends?” or
    • “Where is the blue train?”
  • Select a variety of books about things your child enjoys and topics they may be learning in school
    • Your local library is a great free resource for tons of fun books for kids!
    • Check your child’s classroom newsletter for book recommendations related to the current theme!
  • Reading books about activities that may make your child nervous can help ease anxiety, provide coping strategies, and give them confidence
  • As your child gets older and is able to participate in reading, let them read words/phrases to you!
  • Limit reading on tablets, books on tape, and books with more focus on sounds/noises

As always, if you have questions about literacy and reading with kids, consult your pediatrician. For more information, visit these helpful links: