There are so many options when it comes to selecting toys- it can be overwhelming! Here are some toy selection tips for babies based on pediatrician recommendations:

  1. Safety First!
    • Check labels for their recommended age ranges
    • Select toys that are nontoxic, durable, and easily cleaned
    • Avoid toys with small pieces, ribbons, or strings
    • Choose well-made stuffed animals that do not have small, bean-like pellets
  2. Think Multisensory & Manipulatives!
    • Shape sorters, age-appropriate puzzles, and stackables are great options for building developmental skills
    • Colorful toys with lights, sounds, different textures, and mirrors are stimulating for baby’s senses
      • Be careful to avoid toys that are too loud as they can damage baby’s hearing
    • Children under 18 months should not have any screen time/media per American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations

As always, if you have questions about toys and activities for your baby, consult your pediatrician.

For more information, visit these American Academy of Pediatrics links: