At-Home Learning during Social Distancing

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As we all work towards some sense of normalcy during these uncertain times, we need to support one another. We know that teaching and entertaining little ones can be a challenge no matter what, but especially when you are limited by social distancing.

Helpful Links for At-home Learning
In an effort to continue your child’s learning at home, we have compiled a list of online educational resources to try.

Additional Educational Resources:
The Cincinnati Zoo highlights different animals around the zoo!
Virtual tours of the world’s best museums and galleries!
Google Doc from a teacher containing links to virtual field trips!
Scholastic is offering free online resources for K-12!
ABCmouse is currently offering a free 30-day trial of their online educational games, books, puzzles, etc.!
Khan Academy is offering schedule ideas and free videos for learners of all ages!

For families with children 28 months+, Hilltop teachers sent home packets of worksheets and reading logs on Monday, March 16th. Completed packets and reading logs will earn your child a trip to the treasure box upon returning to school! We encourage you to READ, READ, READ with your child!

A Note on Health

The CDC continues to recommend social distancing, frequent handwashing, and regular cleaning of commonly used surfaces. If anyone in your family shows signs of illness, please contact their primary care physician’s office for instructions

Additionally, we all know that children can feel when caregivers are stressed. It is crucial that we all take the time to check in with ourselves regularly to ensure we maintain good mental health during this time as well. Here are some reminders on how to accomplish this:

  • Stay connected to others
    • Utilize phone calls, FaceTime, Skype, etc. to check in on loved ones and even people you have not caught up with in a while to let them know you are thinking about them.
      • You will realize you are not alone in your feelings and so will those you call.
      • You can share ideas on how to get through this successfully
    • Use some of this at-home time to bond with your family in new ways.
      • Try new family games, activities, meal preparation, etc together.
    • Take breaks
      • Being at home with little ones (or anyone) constantly around can become overwhelming…take breaks!
        • Take turns with other caregivers (if possible) and take a walk, bubble bath, meditate, whatever will relax you – even if it’s just a few minutes.
      • Take media breaks!
        • The volume of information around COVID-19 is absolutely overwhelming. Limit your family’s media intake to checking with one or two reliable sources a few times a day.
          • Please only take health recommendations from reliable sources as there is an abundance of inaccurate and potentially harmful information floating around.
            • If in doubt, check with your primary care physician.
          • Be flexible and kind (to yourself and others)
            • Realize that while you may have had a beautiful schedule, things may change and that’s okay!
            • Goals for the day are great, but try to be flexible.

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