• class size
  • 12-18 CHILDREN
  • age group
  • YOUNGER 3’s


Positive attitudes and guidance is always used here at our school.


Our staff is comprised of highly skilled early education teachers.


Each teacher is hand selected for their experience, dedication and influence.


A variety of skills and coordination will be exposed in both our indoor and outdoor areas.


Monthly newsletters will inform you of our upcoming concepts and activities.


We strive to provide a solid foundation for growth and learning in the early years.

  • Developing and distinguishing letters from words and words from sentences
  • Demonstrating comprehension of short stories by orally retelling or acting out the story
  • Identifies characters, setting, and main idea of a story
  • Developing skills for printing their name
  • Using pictures to express own meaning
  • Identifying the eight basic colors
  • Understanding and following one and two step spoken directions
  • Developing the ability to put on and fasten outer clothing (unassisted)
  • Eating meals unassisted
  • Sorting and classifying objects by position, shape, size, color, number of corners, etc.
  • Developing the abilities to identify and copy
  • Identifying the five basic shapes (circle, oval, square, rectangle, triangle)
  • Developing the skills for drawing the five basic shapes
  • Identifying numerals (0-10)
  • Developing skills to join and separate sets of objects
  • Developing skills needed for holding pencils and scissors correctly
  • Putting forth best efforts in work habits
  • Taking care of school materials
  • Using self-control to follow school rules
  • Working semi independently
  • Following simple directions
  • Listening attentively to others
  • Willingly participating in activities
  • Working well with others


Our three-year-old program believes in teaching through both exciting hands on activities as well as more structured lessons. While we continue to encourage hands on learning we also see more structured learning in the form of beginning writing skills, math and science skills, fine motor skills enhancing activities and the implementation of basic life skills.