• class size
  • 18-22 CHILDREN
  • age group
  • 0-18 MONTHS


Positive attitudes and guidance is always used here at our school.


Our staff is comprised of highly skilled early education teachers.


Each teacher is hand selected for their experience, dedication and influence.


A variety of skills and coordination will be exposed in both our indoor and outdoor areas.


Monthly newsletters will inform you of our upcoming concepts and activities.


We strive to provide a solid foundation for growth and learning in the early years.

As your infant grows we still follow the child’s schedule and the daily routine encompasses each child’s own needs. The children begin to focus on developing independent skills such as learning to use a cup, eating using a plate and utensils, and using generally accepted table habits. Children in this program begin to explore their environment more freely. Caregivers put toys away where they belong when the children are done playing with them to help establish the concept of object permanence (knowing that things exist even though you cannot see them.) Activities in the mini-toddler program include coloring with crayons, hands-on sensory activities such as finger painting and water play, as well as learning songs, reading stories and working on language acquisition. At this age, children begin to establish relationships with each other.

When a child has reached the toddler age they have a basic routine throughout the day but the schedule is loose. A primary focus is on self-help skills. Both individual and group play is beneficial to your child. Children begin with developmentally-appropriate parallel play (playing next to each other but not necessarily interacting), and gradually move towards more interactive types of play. We guide each child through the transition from “mine” to “ours” and encourage them to consider others as part of a caring and sharing philosophy. Teachers introduce learning activities including recognizing colors, shapes, letters of the alphabet and the numbers 1 through 10. We do encourage participation, but we do not insist upon it. Speech enrichment focuses on constructing words and broadening vocabulary. The older children eat their meals and snacks together and must be seated at the table. We encourage children to put toys away when they are finished with them. We go outside every day, weather permitting.


Our infant program provides an inclusive educational environment for children six weeks through eighteen months of age. The curriculum invites exploration through teacher-child interactions and stimulating activities. Our infants are on an open schedule that suits their individual needs. We encourage a more structured day for our children over the age of 12 months.