Does My Child Need Glasses?

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August is Children’s Vision & Learning Month! The purpose is to raise awareness of the importance of vision screening in young children.

  • Why does it matter?
    • Poor vision can negatively impact development and learning in little ones.
    • Vision can be easily tested and often corrected quite simply.
    • It can be difficult to tell if a little one is not seeing clearly without a proper examination.
  • Which children should be screened?
    • ALL children!
      • Your pediatrician will check your child’s vision at wellness visits and can refer you to a specialist if anything seems abnormal.
      • Be sure to request additional or early screening if you have any concerns.
  • What are the signs a child might have a vision issue?
    • Squinting
    • Tilting their head or covering one eye
    • Getting very close to screens or holding objects very close
    • Rubbing their eyes
    • Complaints of headaches or eye pain
    • Difficulty concentrating
      • If you have noticed any of these signs in your child, contact your pediatrician for an appointment.

Vision is so important to the development of little ones! As always, if you have questions regarding your child’s vision, please contact your pediatrician. Feel free to visit these links with expert information:


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