How to Select a Babysitter

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Parents need a break sometimes! But there are a few things you should do to prepare before leaving your little one with someone new. Here are a few tips from the experts about finding the right babysitter for your family!

  • Selecting a Babysitter
    • Review the credentials:
      • Meet with your prospective babysitter ahead of time to discuss experience and references
      • Confirm up to date CPR and First Aid certification
      • Schedule a time for your prospective babysitter to meet your child with your supervision
      • Ask questions regarding how they would handle things like emergencies, tantrums, etc.
  • How Parents Can Prepare
    • Create an emergency list
      • Include contact information for parents, neighbors, your pediatrician, and emergency services
      • Write down your home address and where you plan to go (with contact information if available)
      • Include any medications and allergies your child has and what to do in an emergency
    • Give a tour of your home and be sure to point out any potential hazards including pools/spas, medications, etc.
    • Create a loose schedule of what you would like done and when (bath time, bedtime, feeding time, activities, homework, etc.)

Choosing the right caregiver for your family is a big choice and hopefully these tips will help you feel secure in your choice! As always, if you have questions about finding a babysitter for your family, contact your pediatrician. For more information, visit this American Academy of Pediatrics link:


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